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Windows 7 Compatibility News: All our programs are Windows 7 compatible, except RSI Clouds. (We are  currently working on a new Version of Clouds that will be compatible).

Reinstalling your software on Windows Vista or 7?
If you purchased your software prior to October of 2008 your installers will not work correctly. Please contact us for new versions of the Installers.

RSI Seasons preview Teach your students about the cause of Earth's seasons using
RSI Seasons 
RSI New Moon preview From the Moon's phases to the Solar System and night sky:
RSI New Moon
RSI Cyclones Cyclones, fronts and weather:
RSI Cyclones
RSI Winds preview What causes the wind?  Show your students with
RSI Winds
RSI Clouds preview Clouds grow tall or short, but why?  Find out using
RSI Clouds
RSI Ice Ages In Development:
RSI Ice Ages

Mac News: Intel, Snow Leopard

RSI Seasons, New Moon, Winds and Cyclones are available for Intel-based Macs as well as Windows and PowerPCs using Mac OS 10.3+. These programs also run with the latest Mac OS, 10.6 / Snow Leopard

Teacher's Guides Are Online

Teacher's Guides for our software are now available on the downloads and product pages.  Feel free to take a look at them.  The online Guides omit answers to questions, but those that come on your CD have the answers included.

Upgrade News

Work is progressing on RSI Clouds Version 2, which will be compatible with Windows 95 through Vista and Mac OS 10.3+.  Orders placed now for Clouds will be upgraded to the new version at no cost.

Development continues on a program we call Ice Ages, designed to help your students visualize and understand glacial cycles.


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