Rainfall over Lake Yellowstone

Dave Venne's Web Home (formerly Riverside Scientific, Inc.)

The Moon in enhanced color

Riverside Scientific has closed its doors. If you were a past customer you can still obtain support, but please be patient; responses may be slow.

We've decided to make our software available "as is" to the educational community for no cost. The software provided here can be used in whatever fashion you wish: Install it on as many machines as you like, let students have it for home use, etc. It's our way of saying "thank you" to all the educators we met in the 15 years we were in business.

The software is being recompiled so that it has no anti-piracy code. Thus far Seasons has been converted, New Moon is almost done and Clouds will follow after that. Older versions requiring installation keys (also provided here) will be available while the conversion continues.

This site will also include links to whatever astronomy software I continue to work on, and a collection of my images taken for the Astronomical League's Bright Nebula Observation Program.

All software, images and other resources on web pages in the riversci.com domain are
© 2015 David E. Venne.